Firefox – How to use uBlock Origin to block just the page without blocking the entire stackexchange network


I've found HNQ are really distracting to me, so I want to block them. This question has some ways to block them in the sidebar, but the same list exists over at I want to block that page, without blocking all of the rest of stackexchange. I currently am using


but that presents a page where I can click-through to access it: I'd rather have it load but present a blank page. I do this for reddit using

but using a similar filter for stackexchange blocks, for example, all of I suppose I could add an exception filter for every possible subdomain, but there are currently a bit over a hundred and growing, so there has to be a better way. I tried

which seems like it should work according to the AdBlock Plus filter cheatsheet which is supposedly supported by uBlock Origin, but that doesn't block anything.

I tried the filters given in this similar question about youtube, but they have the same issues as my current best filter. How can I filter the body element of without blocking subdomains?

Best Answer

This answer attempts to block Hot Network Questions (HNQ) only on Stack Exchange (SE) homepage (as per OP's comment).

The HNQ on SE Homepage is inside a div with question-list ID, thus the needed filter is

This filter will only block HNQ on SE homepage. It won't block SE Realtime Questions (the parent container is main-area, which is shared with HNQ list) nor any question lists on other sites (they use div with question-mini-list ID on their homepage and questions on their Questions list)