Firefox – Make Firefox automagically pick up default internet proxy


At work, I need to connect to a customer network via VPN at times, and doing so, I need to set a proxy. While IE picks that up automatically (the standard "default internet proxy"), Firefox doesn't, which is a pain.

Yes, I know – I can have Firefox look at my DOS environment variables like http_proxy and use these – but that's still a pain.

Is there an extension for Firefox that will pick up the default internet proxy set by Microsoft (it's stored in the registry, after all) and use it, when it's set? That would make my life a LOT easier!

If not – anyone care to write such an extension? 🙂 Sounds like that shouldn't be all too hard, really…..


Best Answer

Firefox used to have the add-on Quickproxy, but it's not ready for 3.5 yet...

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