Firefox: remember passwords for all sites


When logging in on some websites, these sites don't offer (I suspect intentionally) to remember passwords. This happens not only on public websites, but also in my intranet (remote web consoles, Dell DRAC, …) and it is extremely annoying to having to type the login details each time.

Is it possible somehow, to force a particular website (Firefox) to remember the username and password ?

NOTE: In my firefox, I have "remember password for sites" selected, and "Exceptions" is empty.

Best Answer

You might want to consider a solution such as Keypass.

You can use the auto-type feature enabling you to have Keypass type logins and passwords on you behalf, in a secure fashion (without keyloggers being able to log what you typed).

It is also very valuable in that it constitues a safe lock for all your passwords. In my opinion, it is always good to have your passwords not stored in your browser (also enabling you to get a bit more privacy by emptying all private data, cookies and so on when you close your browser).

On top of this it is not browser-specific so you could use it to store and enter your passwords for about every GUI-based application (eg. Thunderbird etc).

If you are on Linux, you can check the excellent KeepassX.

I have been using KeepassX for a while and it has saved my left wrist for a thousands of repetitive Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V...