Linux – Firefox: viewing text files in external editor


I would like to make Firefox view text files not in its internal editor, but in the external editor (namely EmacsClient).

Is it possible to change this default behavior of Firefox?

I beg your pardon for being inconcise, I'll try to state the matter once again. First thing to mention is that I use the Linux version of Firefox. That means that unlike the Windows version the contents of the application bindings dialog is very scarce.

When I click on the link to a text file (be it remote or local) by default Firefox opens it in the internal browser. I've tested, somehow it looks at file extension – when for example I make a file with .mpg extension, the behaviour is as it should be – the dialog with "Open With…" and stuff. When the file has unknown extension (unknown to /etc/mime.types), in my case it's .out, pure text format – the default behaviour is to open it in a Firefox window. That very thing I need to change.

Best Answer

  • Try: Tools > Options > Applications, scroll down to Text Document, and change the entry there.

    If the entry does not exist, you must edit the mimeTypes.rdf file in your profile directory.