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When I go into a Facebook game, there is always this very annoying sidebar which is different from the chat sidebar and it cannot be closed by any options or button selections.

I really dislike it because it encroaches on the game play screen.

This is the sidebar I am referring to:

Sidebar on the right

I would like to know if there is an easy way to keep the sidebar disabled every time I visit the webpage. I am able to do it manually via Firefox and the development tools, but it is a little annoying to do it every time I visit the page.

So, my question is, is there any easy way to permanently disable this sidebar?

In case anyone is curious, and for those who will land on this page from a Google search, I will include my current method of disabling the sidebar via Firefox as it is quick and easy and it does not require the installation of anything; see my answer below for this.

Best Answer

Add AdBlock Plus to Firefox. Add Element Hiding Helper to Firefox.

  1. Open Facebook, navigate to a game.
  2. Click the ABP icon at the top right. Click Select element to hide.
  3. Select the 'sidebar' thing you want to remove (rightCol)
  4. Click Add filter rule on the popup window.

enter image description here

This is basically what your current method is, but this is automatic and permanent!

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