Word – Flash drive .docx disappeared files

microsoft wordusb-flash-drive

I'm in trouble here

I have been writing important word documents and saving them on my flash drive

Some one deleated them all in another pc, I need help getting them back

I tried recovering word temporary files, couldn't find them

Best Answer

Firstly, are you sure they were deleted, there are many common virus's which target USB drives that hide files. An easy way to check is to open a cmd prompt and navigate to your drive then type in dir /ah this will show all hidden files.

If the files are there but hidden, type the following into your command prompt where F: is the letter of your drive:

attrib * f: /s /d -s -h -r

this will unhide all files and folders

If there are no files showing, your other option is to use third party recovery software, there are many free ones available, just Google "recovery utility free"

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