Folder Size 18.7gb but Size on disk 1.33TB – why/how could this have happened? Synology DS212 NAS RAID

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To start – I am way out of my comfort zone trying to fix this problem but I am not sure what else to do!

We have (2) 3TB hard drives in a Synology DS212 NAS RAID and are constantly running into issues of not having enough space. Even though we are uploading 30-90GB weekly, there is no way that we should be completely full at this point. I clicked on a folder in the drive and pulled up the properties. It says that the size is 18.7GB but the size on disk is 1.33TB.

Screen shot from the folder properties.

I researched and was brought to this site where a question was answered.

Ultimately I learned that clusters have a minimum size and we thought that might be the issue, but even if we have the largest allocation size possible: 32,768 KB * 3612 (number of files in that folder) it would still only take up 118 GB of extra space.

Can anyone explain why this is happening?

As mentioned above, we upload photos and video files weekly (30-90gb) but after we export our raw camera files we delete those. Just thought that might be pertinent information.

Best Answer

I think we've found the answer! It appears that it might be an issue with Windows 8 and a Synology update. We will try and follow up! Here's where we found the answer...