Windows – Folder sync application which can sync over Internet (the other machine specified by an IP)?


I need to sync some folders between two Win 7 machines. While they are connected to the same LAN, they can't see each-other over Windows Networking since sharing is disabled on both of them (security reasons).

Do you know any sync app which can work over IP?

The folder I need to sync has 500,000 files in it (80 GB in total), so the sync app should be pretty efficient. At the moment I copy the files from one machine to the other over FTP, but it takes forever, since a separate connection is opened for each file.

Or maybe you know some app which can efficiently transfer a large number of files between two machines on the Internet?

Best Answer

  • I did use PowerFolder back when the free version didn't have any limitations but now you have to pay $60 to manage more than 1GB of storage.

    I had a bit of a look around and found CrashPlan which allows you to synchronise files between your own computers and storage devices for free. It also uses compression and deltas to minimise data transfer so, if you synchronise the 2 computers first, it should be quick and painless after that. I think it even does file versioning, if that is something you're after.

    I'm glad you asked the question - it gave me an excuse to take another look at these solutions.

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