Windows – Formatting 1TB External Drive – Mac/PC

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We have 1 mac user in a PC environment… and I have bought a 1TB WD external hard drive and need to format it so that both PC and Mac can read/write to it. Doing this from the mac should be easy, but I do not know where to format the drive from, and what is the best option to format it to.


Best Answer

Beside Paragons NTFS offering, there is also NTFS-3G, which implements NTFS as a FUSE (File System in User Space) driver and is free.

As long as you control all systems that need to read/write the disk and can make sure they have an NTFS driver installed (every MacOS since at least 10.4 can read but not write NTFS) , I would recommend going with NTFS as this is a much more stable and secure FS. FAT was never meant to be used on TB size FS sizes.