Fresh install of widows 10 on new SSD keep files from Hard Drive

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I just ordered my first SSD ever and currently have a 1TB hard drive with a lot of media files that i want to keep. I want to do a fresh install of windows, since my current install is very slow and cluttered. So my question is how do i go about keeping like 300gb+ of movies from my TB hard drive while removing windows etc from it to get more space for movies and games in the future? is my only option to move them over to my SSD while reformatting my hard drive and move them back over after?

Best Answer

Just delete all the Windows files, everything but your files you want to keep.

Assuming it is a desktop PC:

Shut down and remove power cord, hold the power button for 15 seconds, open the pc and Disconnect the old drive cables inside the computer, connect your new drive and install windows, once The new install of windows boots and works, shut down and re-connect the old drive to the motherboard (you may need an additional data data cable to do this), boot from the new drive and delete the files from the old drive, done.

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