Linux – gitk looks ugly / doesn’t honor theme settings


I'm running Xubuntu, (actually linux mint with xfce on top, but I suppose it's essentially the same thing)

I set my appearance theme to (a modified version of) MurrinaStormCloud, but if I run gitk, it uses ugly font rendering, ugly colors, ugly widgets.

I think tcl is the thing to blame here, but can I fix it?

Here's a picture for comparison between what firefox looks like under the current theme and what gitk looks like:

gitk ugly theme

Best Answer

gitk is implemented in tcl/tk. I've searched around but there doesn't seem to be much you can do; it is scolded as ugly on Linux everywhere. And apart from using a hideous toolkit, gitk has been growing worse for me as they put in more functions (mostly not used) the UI becomes even more confusing.

So I instead of a solution I recommend gitg, which is a similar tool, less mature, using GTK+.

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