Google-chrome – Chrome Dev Console: Square brackets [] on german keyboard


I'm using Google Chrome 57 (beta) and since some time I experience issues with the dev console.

When trying to insert square brackets into the console, instead of inserting the character the console switches tabs.

  • When entering [ (AltGr + 8), the dev console switches to
    the tab on the left.
  • When entering ] (AltGr + 9), the dev console switches to the tab on the right.

This behaviour made the dev console totally useles for me. Everytime I want to insert something like var x = [], I need to copy & paste the brackets from somewhere else – or, in my case, use another browser instead.

Is this a known issue and are there any solutions for this? What is causing this problem?

Best Answer

I also have this issue with a Danish keyboard. It's confusing AltGr with Ctrl and triggering the next tab / previous tab shortcuts.

There doesn't appear to be a way to change the shortcuts, but it looks like the issue has been fixed in development builds and will hit the next major version of the beta (see