Google-chrome – Flash not Working in Google Chrome for Mac


Flash has randomly stopped working in Google Chrome for Mac. All that appears is a white flash then nothing. I can hear sound, and when I right click on where Flash is supposed to be I see the Flash Player options. I have completely reinstalled Chrome, including deleting all of its support files. I reinstalled my system flash and tried making Chrome use my system flash, but nothing works. Flash is fine in Safari, but not in Chrome. How do I fix this? I am running the latest Google Chrome Dev build (21.0.1171.0) and Mac OS X 10.7.4 .


Best Answer

This is resolved in the latest Canary build: 21.0.1177.0 (Official Build 142583)

As of the time of this post the dev channel has been updated to 21.0.1180.0 and the bug is now gone.


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