Google-chrome – Free download manager issue in Chrome


So Im not really sure why/how/when this happened, but just today, every time I try to download something from the web using Chrome, I am getting this page:


Free Download Manager is not properly installed! Please reinstall Free Download Manager.

If you want to download with your browser please remove "npfdm.dll" file in the Plugin directory of your browser.

Error code: 80040154.

It seems a little… sketch… because I honestly do not know what to make of it, or what the problem was, or where it even came from. Suffice it to say, I an unable to currently download anything.

My Microsoft Security Essentials is running in the background and doesnt seem to show any virus activity… so I am not really sure what to make of this, or how to get rid of it. Please help me resolve this issue. Thanks.

Best Answer

You installed an extension or plugin. If it happened without your knowledge, then you should run a malware scan and consider using a fresh install of Chrome and/or a fresh profile. (I highly recommend scanning anyway because it is not in the webstore.)

Either way, you can disable or remove it by checking the following two pages for Free Download Manager:

  • chrome://extensions
  • chrome://plugins
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