Google-chrome – Google drive web page halts when loading


When loading the Google drive page, the page halts after displaying a loading... message in the title. This issue is not resolved on the Google-drive forum.

See screenshots below.

Sometimes after a couple of minutes I get a message on the page that I should clear my browser's cache.

This happens in Chrome and Firefox, but I haven't encountered the problem in Explorer.

The OS is Windows 7. Chrome is up-to-date.

Temporary remedies that I have found:

  • Clearing the cache sometimes helps for a while, but the problem comes back.
  • Going the Chrome->Tools->Task manager, and closing the Google Drive task helps, but the problem comes back.

Re-installing Chrome didn't help.

Found these screenshots in the google forum (not mine):
A screenshot I found in the google forums
A screenshot I found in the google forums

Best Answer

  • You have Adblock installed in Chrome, and probably in Firefox as well. It is known to cause problems with Google Drive and Docs (and possibly other Google sites).

    The problem is that because Google built its (vast) fortune on advertising, it is certainly not amenable to ad-blockers of any kind. There have been complaints that it no longer works on Google sites and that Adblock breaks Google sites, reports that Google tells users to exclude Google sites, accusations that Google paid Adblock to white-list their sites, and even warnings that Google is removing ad-blockers from its webstores (which really benefits them since they are also going to block users from installing extensions outside of the webstore).

    It would not be a surprise if Google had updated some of its sites so that they no longer work correctly if Adblock is installed. Disabling Adblock should fix the problem. You can try adding Google Docs/Drive to Adblock’s white-list so that you can keep using Adblock and Google sites, but turning Adblock on still breaks Google sites even with them added to the white-list, then Google may have made changes that prevent Adblock from working on their sites, in which case, you have a tough choice to make.

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