Google-chrome – How to disable auto-assume in Google Chrome


I've noticed that whenever I sign in in Google Chrome version 21.0 it automatically assumes and it automatically knows what I want to search. I basically use the address bar to search(my default search engine is Google) I don't go type on the address bar and then search from there. So what happens is that when I type something for example "vernier" for vernier caliper I'm automatically redirected to my facebook account which has a user account name of vern.ancheta.

It's really getting annoying, this happens for every search term that I used maybe even ones that I haven't used before in my entire search history in Google. It always assumes as if it knows what I'm really thinking. What's the solution for this? Is this a bug in Google Chrome or just one of its annoying features. Please enlighten me on this.

Best Answer

Sadly, there is still no way of disabling the feature. It has been a complaint of many users for quite some time, with google still offering no solution other than pressing the down arrow prior to hitting the return key, or consistently clearing your history so it has nothing to assume.

Forum discussion of rage discussing this exact problem:!category-topic/chrome/discuss-chrome/0DR-pLIVI5g

I'd love to see this changed myself. It drives me insane.