Google-chrome – How to save on ink when printing this map


I need a map of the SMC campus, but I'm really sick of running out of ink after printing one thing and then having to pay ridiculous sums of money to buy more ink.

The map is here: Map

I would print in black and white, but I'm wondering if there are any chrome or photoshop extensions, or even websites that transform the image into something more ink-conservative.

For example, I don't need the buildings to be a solid color, or the roads to be gray, so it would be a tremendous waste of ink to print it as is.

Anyone know anything like I'm talking about?

Best Answer

One Photoshop solution could be to use the "Trace Contour" filter. Admittedly, it works better on images with higher resolution, but I think you won't be able to cut down on ink much further:

Map image after Trace Contour filter