Google-chrome – How to see a page’s referrer in Chrome


I've read the "answers" on this question, which is pretty much what I'm asking, but no one actually provides an answer. Nowhere in the Developer Tools (that I can see, anyway) is there a clear indicator of the current page's referring page. This is something that's really easy to find in Firefox; just right-click and choose Page Info.

Where is this functionality in Chrome? If it's in the developer tools, which tab is it under? If it's not, is there an extension I can use to get this info? I've tried the Web Developer extension, and can't seem to find this very basic piece of info there, either.


This is what I see when I open Developer Tools in version 8.0.552.224 (newest available for Linux.)
alt text

Per comments below (in case they get buried) this is what I've discovered about Chrome's built-in "referrer-finding":

  • I need to go to Resources, then choose the individual page or file, then choose Headers
  • It doesn't appear to work correctly for pages that were opened by right-clicking a link and choosing Open in New Tab (or Window.) I just opened the question that I linked to in my original post that way, and when I look at the referrer provided in the header link, it shows its own URL as the referrer, rather than this page's URL.

Can anyone explain why that would be? (I tried the same thing in Firefox and it showed the correct URL as the referrer.)

Best Answer

Paste this code into the address bar:



open Developer Tools (F12) and type document.referrer in the console.