Google-chrome – I want a hyperlink to open a browser tab, then all subsequent link clicks go to the same tab


I suspect I'm out of luck on this one, but here goes…

Say I have a CHM help file that has http:// hyperlinks embedded in the help pages. When the user clicks on a hyperlink of the style:

<a href="" target="_blank">click here!</a>

a browser window is opened and the target web page is displayed. If a browser is already open a new tab is created and the target displayed in that. If the user clicks on another link (or the same link) another browser window/tab opens, and so on.

Is there any way I can force all clicks of the links to go to the same tab/browser window?

Best Answer

  • Change the value of the "target" parameter to something other than "_blank" (which is reserved by the standards for always opening a new page without a name).

    The "target" parameter allows you to specify a name (I recommend using a name that does NOT begin with an underscore) to open the new window in. By using the same name in other Anchor REFerences (hyper-text links), that new window that was opened previously will simply be re-used (instead of opening a new window again).

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