Google-chrome – I’m “deemed suspicious” when I access Google, Microsoft or Twitter and I have no idea why. Why


My setup:

  • A MacBook that dual-boots into Linux Mint (I usually browse the internet in Chrome or Firefox on that) and Mac OS X (browsing in Chrome for Mac, or Safari).

  • Both my Linux and Mac OS X partitions are as far as I know clean (I keep both OS's and their programs always up-to-date, and use fire-walls etc.)

  • Repeatedly cleaning my full browsing, cookie, LSO, history, passwords etc. etc. (the full) browser history hasn't helped.

  • I'm internet browsing from home, with a connection with a static IP.

The problem:

  • When I access, I get
    "Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot."
    What is it that I can't access Google and it thinks I'm not human!

  • Recently, I signed up to Twitter for the first time, and after clicking on the confirmation link in the confirmation e-mail, I got an error screen by Twitter that said "We detected unusual activity from you." and yet again prompting me to confirm I'm human, and to give my phone number (I don't want to, I have a perfectly valid and working e-mail adress for that!)

  • I have a Microsoft (specifically, e-mail address, and when I try to sign in to that, I get "There's unusual activity from your account, blah-blah-blah suspicious activity blah-blah-blah you're not human"… And I can't sign into it.

What on earth is it that I'm always accused of being non-human.

To make it absolutely clear: I'm NOT engaged in any illegal activities whatsoever of any kind.

Best Answer

  • It sounds to me like a device on or using your network may be compromised and doing dodgy things. (It could also be that your router is infected). Are you able to get some kind of traffic utilisation graph from your ISP and see if it matches your usage behaviour ?

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