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Am I stupid or is there no way to import Chrome passwords to Firefox without using 3rd party software/service? I mean, it's such a silly little task. I don't want to use LastPass. I found how to export Chrome passwords to .csv file but how do I import that into Firefox?

According to this there should be an Import button, except, there isn't

EDIT – also there's the bookmark manager in Firefox, that allows you to import data from another browser, including Chrome, including cookies, but no passwords.

Best Answer

For those who can take current situation with Firefox as granted, here's a solution with 3rd party software:

  1. Close Firefox

  2. Open Google Chrome > Settings > Passwords > Next to Saved Passwords there're 3 dots, press them > Export passwords -> Save to Desktop

  3. (this step requires python3 and pip to be already installed)
    Open your Terminal / Console app - > pip install ffpass (ffpass source code)

  4. Change console/terminal directory to Desktop (or where were your exported Chrome passwords saved

  5. For MacOS: ffpass import -d /Users/<YOUR USER>/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/Profiles/<YOUR PROFILE> --from <YOUR CSV>
    For Linux ffpass import -d ~/.mozilla/firefox/Profiles/<YOUR PROFILE --from <YOUR CSV> (fix this please if not correct)
    For Windows ffpass import -d %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<YOUR PROFILE --from <YOUR CSV>

  6. Delete your csv with paswords from Dekstop

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