Google-chrome – Large file download causing Chrome and Firefox to crash


I've been trying to download a file of 1.2GB(and my C: drive has over 400 free GB), and the same thing happens on both Chrome and Firefox(Haven't tried IE), on two different wifi networks I've tried connecting to.
The file shows up in downloads list in the browser, as it's doing what I presume to be assessing the size of the file, as the size listed next to the file is increasing, but when the listed size gets to around 684MB, the browser crashes, and the download ceases before it actually begins downloading.
Has anyone else had a similar problem? Any ideas as to how I can fix it?
BTW, the file is a .rar file containing an ISO.

Best Answer

You might try Free Download Manager (FDM),, which shows details of the download process. FDM can be installed stand-alone or set to intercept downloads made in IE, Firefox or other browser. BTW, there are applications with the same name which contain malware -- be sure to get it from the correct site, and, if you wish, send the executable to Virus Total,, to confirm its safety.