Google-chrome – Lost all history, bookmarks and extensions after Google Chrome was automatically updated


Google Chrome (browser) was automatically updated to version 39.0.2171.99 when I was not at my desk and now I have lost all my history and bookmarks and extensions. Is this revertible? I truly dislike this version showing my email at the top right corner and it being synced with my gmail account.

Best Answer

  • A friend of mine just ran into the same problem. Well, to your data it is most likely that it is lost. But to be sure you can check out

    %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\"User Data"\Default\

    and look for a Bookmark file. There could be a file named:


    This should be the backup file. Try to rename it into Bookmark and hope that they appear. If you want to remove the profile manager in the right top corner you can do it by typing chrome://flags. There should be a category named something like New profil administrative system. Disable it and restart chrome and voila it should be removed.