Google-chrome – My Google Chrome extensions have all stopped working


I have noticed that none of my extensions for Google Chrome are working properly (while they were working before). When I left-click on any of the extension buttons, the menus no longer show up. Whenever I disable all extensions and then enable them again, the extensions start working again (temporarily), but they stop working again as soon as I restart the browser. Also, context menu options for each extension are no longer showing up.

Interestingly, this problem seems to affect both my Windows and Linux Chrome installations, so it appears that this isn't a platform-specific issue. Are there any known solutions to this problem? What is the most likely cause of this issue?

Best Answer

Have you tried syncing your chrome to an account, and doing a wipe/fresh install? Perhaps the sync data is bad and it might be good to get a fresh sync going on a new account.

As you stated, the culprit was likely the experimental settings in about:flags which makes sense. Hard to always see the far-reaching impact changes there might have. Odd that it affected all extensions though.