Google-chrome – Google Chrome: Remove all ‘Other Search Engines’


Google Chrome saves lots of Other Search Engines from websites I visit, under Settings > Search; Manage search engines. I believe this is called ‘OpenSearch’.

Clicking the remove icon ❌ on each one would be very cumbersome.

Is there a way to delete all of them, without having to do it manually?

NB: This extension supposedly prevents Chrome from adding custom search engines.

Best Answer

Go to chrome://settings/searchEngines, hit F12 and paste this into the Console tab:

    .then(function(val) {
        val.others.sort(function(a, b) { return b.modelIndex - a.modelIndex; });
        val.others.forEach(function(engine) {

Thanks to alcohol for updating this code for material design.

NOTE: You can also access the Javascript console via Option + Command + J on OSX. You might in fact need to run this multiple times to completely clear out all the search engines listed under "Other search engines..." section of the settings area.

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