Google-chrome – Reset root password for Chromebook


How could I do this?

I tried:

  1. putting the chromebook in dev mode
  2. enabling debugging options
  3. set the root password
  4. browse as guest(also tried with a google account)
  5. open shell ctrl + shift + t
  6. enter shell and sudo su
  7. enter password I set in debugging options window

Password is incorrect.

I tried also to recovering with Chrome extension, and after that normal mode was set again. Then I went back to development mode, did the same steps above. Getting the same result.

Any advice?

Best Answer

Starting from the desktop, logged in as a user[1], the following steps have solved this problem for me:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Forward Arrow (Ctrl+Alt+F2 on some machines. If your machine doesn't have F2, then try whichever key is two spaces to the right of Esc - typically it's an arrow facing to the right).
  2. You should reach a "Developer Console" prompt, where the last line of text ends with localhost login:. Enter "root" and hit return.
  3. Enter the root password you set previously (or just hit return if you didn't set a root password).

[1] It may be possible to reach this console without being logged in - I am not sure.