Google-chrome – Very slow site lookups in Google Chrome


I have a perplexing problem running my Chrome browser…
When I open a new tab, and type in a website address, the lookup is very, very slow.
There can be a delay of about 20-30 seconds before the site actually starts loading.

Some of my observations are as follows :

  • There is a long pregnant pause, then eventually I see "Waiting for xxx" [where xxx is the web site I have typed in". At this stage the pages loads at normal speed.

  • Once a site has been loaded, if I hit F5 to refresh the page, there is no delay.

  • It is not slow internet – if I use another browser (eg. Firefox), there is no delay.
    Similarly, I can ping a web site from command prompt and get quick responses.

  • I have turned of phishing etc in Chrome.. so that functionality can't be the cause

Maybe I have spyware in there somewhere???

Any help will be much appreciated,


Best Answer

  • So you didn't mention OS, but one thing I have noticed in Windows is that Chrome seems to always follow the IE (or System) proxy rules. Firefox has its own configuration that may or may not follow the system proxy rules.

    If you are in Windows, open IE if it's still installed (otherwise go to Internet Options in Control Panel) Under the connections tab, click LAN Settings at the bottom. Uncheck all options unless they are specifically needed in your environment, DEFINITELY uncheck "automatically detect settings".

    Now Chrome should be faster.