Google-chrome – View Google Chrome history on current device only


In Google Chrome 42, it is combining a user's history from home to work and school. A teacher saw the history and saw very questionable pornographic materials (we have a zero-tolerance policy for pornography) listed. After I connected, I noticed the link that this history is between all the signed in devices.

Is there a way to view history in Google Chrome just for the single computer, and not for the other devices? I am not looking for instructions for turning this off, as that's easy to do. I'm looking for what this computer has seen in Chrome

Best Answer

You can do this by going to Settings and then clicking on 'Advanced sync settings' under the title Sign-in at the top.

Then de-select 'History' and save your settings.

Or you can just sign-out from Google Chrome altogether.

Or just browse in Incognito Mode if you do not wish your history to be shown on other connected devices.

Because, if any device is connected and synced with Chrome, it's definitely going to show its recent history there.