Windows – Google Drive (googlesyncdrive) preventing PC from shutting down or hibernating

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Everytime I try to shutdown or hibernate the PC I have this nag screen that comes up telling me that Google Drive is shutting down and the system is waiting for it. The problem is that the system can wait endlessly for Google Drive to finish syncing up.

Google Drive is shutting down. Please wait.


This causes problems when the power goes and my system is running on the UPS. Hibernation keeps waiting for 7 minutes before the UPS dies.

How can I get Windows 7 to force hibernation and ignore these applications?

I understand fully that this will cause be data lost but thanks to Google Drive it will get lost either way. At least I'll save my UPS this way.

OR, How can I modify / tweak Google Drive to not prevent the shutdown the next time?

Best Answer

  • If you can find a good answer, great; if not, an ugly answer would be a scheduled task.

    Create a scheduled task (in the Task Scheduler) to run the Force shutdown command when a certain event is logged. Finding the correct event (in the Event Viewer) may prove difficult, but it could be worth your time. Maybe an event showing that your UPS requested a shutdown, or an event showing the request for Google Drive to stop. Something like that. When that event happens, the Scheduled task will trigger the force shutdown.

    Force shutdown command:

    shutdown -s -t 0 -f

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