Google Drive – unsyncable files


Fairly frequently, google drive on OSX will pop up with a message that tells me some files were unsyncable, with the offer to retry. I'm worried that these files will just go missing, or only be stored locally. Does google drive fix the syncing of these files later or if I do nothing will they just not ever be synced?

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Best Answer

Unfortunately, the google support answer is incomplete.

I've delayed solving G-Drive synch problems for many months, as I've lacked time and incentive. But I had half an hour to kill while still alert today.

I solved 2 long-standing synch problems by brute-force synching the files by hand:

  1. I downloaded a 16 MB video into the right folder, and Gdrive's stopped complaining.
  2. And I deleted two Mac .DS_Store files from Gdrive cloud and it stopped complaining that they were missing on my computer.

Don't ask me why this Gdrive couldn't solve these issues itself. Perhaps it wanted some attention!


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