Hardware Ethernet On/Off switch


Does anyone know if an hardware ethernet on/off switch exists to buy? Or if it would be possible to build one?

I currently have an issue in my software development environment that can only be resolved by pulling the ethernet cable out of my my machine. I know it does not make much sense, but it is the fastest solution I have to solving this issue (see my open question on StackOverflow)


What I am looking for is some type of dongle that would sit between my ethernet cable and my machine. I envision a simple on/off switch on it. Does this exist? If not, would I be able to build one? Is there some physical limitation to doing this?

I am really looking for a hardware solution here. As far as a software solution is concerned, I have exhausted most of the possibilities (firewalls, turning off network connection, etc) and most have either not worked or caused some other issues.


I took the advice of @tom-wijsman and implemented a software solution. I created a small C# application that adds and deletes an entry in the HOSTS file. This entry will point our database server to a nonexistent IP address. Its kind of a hack, but it solves our problem.

Best Answer

You could try something like this. While not an on/off switch it would do the same thing:

enter image description here

I imagine what you could do, is place the cat-5 into the switch and then switch to the other port when you need to turn it off.

Note: while this looks like a RJ-11 it says it's a RJ-45 (Cat-5) switch. I would triple check to make sure.