Windows – has the graphics card disabled the on-board sound card

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Installed a Palit GeForce GT 240 (512mb GDDR3) graphics card last night and visually its working well, but it seems to have installed its own HD Audio device(s) in Device Manager, knocking out my normal on-board sound (motherboard sound connectors), resulting in Win 7 telling me I have no audio output device installed.

The manual talks about an internal SPDIF cable, but that only seems to apply to higher spec versions of the card and there's certainly no SPDIF connector on the card.

I'm happy to provide any tech specs people need to help on this one, just ask.

Not fussed about HD sound from the card, be happy with any sound at all!

Best Answer

Solved it! Flash of inspiration made me reboot and check the BIOS settings. The Onboard Audio has three options (Auto, Enabled and Disabled). Was set to Auto, changed it to Enabled and all was detected.

I suspected Auto means "use it if you can't find another sound device plugged in"

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