HDMI-out to VGA-in via DVI


I have an HP ultrabook which does not have a VGA-out port. I would like to connect it to a VGA only projector
Will a hdmi to dvi converter like
http://www.ebay.in/itm/New-DVI-I-Dual-Link-female-to-HDMI-Male-Adapter-Converter-Coupler-24-5-pin-/261132860719 and then a DVI to VGA converter like
http://www.ebay.in/itm/29-Pin-24-5-DVI-Male-to-VGA-Female-Adapter-Converter-/161026086839? setup work ?

Or do I need something like http://www.ebay.in/itm/HDMI-to-VGA-Converter-Adapter-Cable-The-simplest-converter-/251095745415 ?

Best Answer

HDMI can easily be converted to digital DVI.

Analog DVI can easily be converted to analog VGA.

The step in the middle where you want to convert the digital DVI to analog DVI is not trivial and requires an active and relative expensive* adapter.

It might actually be cheaper to buy an USB graphical card with a VGA out and use that as a second display.

*Expensive as in the order of: £50 / US $76 / 4100Rp

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