Windows – “Hibernate doesn’t use power”… or does it


Does hibernation use more power than a total shutdown?

The oft-given answer is no, but I can't help but wonder if that's a lie: hibernation seems to be an ACPI feature, and a completely different sleep state (S4) than, well, "off" (S5).

So, does hibernation use more power than shutdown?
If not, then why is it a different hardware state than shut down?


I forgot to mention the last part of the question, sorry:
If so, then what makes it different from shutdown, from a hardware (not driver) perspective?
Shouldn't devices not be receiving power either way?
i.e. How does a device behave differently when it is "shut down" versus when it is hibernated?

Best Answer

It depends.

On some computers, S4 and S5 will use the same amount of power. I believe this is the more common scenario.

Some computers, however, can be configured to (for example) leave the network card powered up when in S4 but turn it off when in S5. In that scenario, power consumption will be higher in S4 than in S5.