Chrome – hide extensions from chrome without pushing to chrome bar


Ok, so I have a few chrome extensions that don't need me to interact with them (Enhanced Steam). So I wanted to hide it, but for some reason it just gets moved to the top of the chrome menu (3 lines) and this looks ugly and is annoying.

I am pretty sure that I used to be able to just hide the icon but still have the extension enabled, but I can't find how to do this. Every link I click on has mysterious buttons that don't exist (there was one that had an instructional telling you to click a 'hide button' that was in the extensions manager, but this does not exist).

Please help, or at least suggest another extension that puts them in a drop down menu or something because I dont won't 30 useless extension icons all over my browser. thanks.

Best Answer

  • With Chrome 48, for reasons of "security," icons for disabled extensions (and those that do not affect the current page) are now shown at all times, either to the right of the location ("address") bar or at the top of the hamburger menu.

    The "security" aspect is to protect naive users from unwanted extensions by showing them a bunch of icons that they may not recognize with the expectation that they will guess that they can right-click them and select "Remove from Chrome."

    In addition, extensions that formerly placed icons in the location ("address") bar can no longer do so. This breaks some popular extensions like the Scrobbler, ToS;DR, Feedly Subscribe Button, and so forth.

    The Google Chrome team is unrepentant, because power users are of no interest to them.