Windows – Hide selected icons from the system tray permanently


Is there a software that will allow me to hide some of the icons on my system tray? And by hide I don't mean the default Windows hide functionality. I want some of the icons to be permanently disabled from the system tray but i want the programs still running.

Best Answer

PS Tray Factory can hide icons in the system tray. It's not free though.

PS Tray Factory allows you to:

  • restore system tray icons after Explorer.exe crash
  • change original tray icons with your own icons, more...
  • move low-activity icons from the system tray into the special menu,
  • quickly access hidden icons,
  • change the order of icons in the system tray (sort tray), more...,
  • hide seldom used system tray icons ,
  • protect the tray menu with password,
  • minimize any application to the system tray.