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I use computers in a shared house, the computers are running Windows 7 and Windows Vista and are connected to a network with Windows Server 2003 as the DC.
I want to hide certain folders from other users, and not just using the hidden folder attribute.
I know I can limit the permissions on folders to grant / deny users acees but was wondering if there is a way just not to display the folders to certain users so they don't even know they're there.
e.g. User A will see the contents of the S drive asFolder1, Folder2, Folder3. User B will see the contents of the S drive as Folder1, Folder2.
Perhaps I'm looking at this the wrong way but any advice would be appreciated.

I'm going along the mothod of "What people don't know is there they aren't curious about"

Best Answer

Sounds like you need Access Based Enumeration

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