Hotkeys and Windows Key in windows 10

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Many different shortcuts are enabled in windows and they can be useful. What I wanted to do was disable the windows key from opening the start menu in Windows 10. This can be done with Sharpkeys and I have done this and disabled the key but this disables useful shortcuts such as Win + R. My overall plan was to use Wox instead which would be enabled when I press the windows key but I have not found a way of doing this while searching.

Best Answer

  • I don't know of a way to set Winkey to still be useable as modifier, but not for launching the Start Menu.

    The only solution I can think of requires using an alternative product for the Start Menu.

    One of the best alternatives is the free and open-source Open-Shell-Menu.

    After installing it, use Ctrl+Right-click to go into Settings, then into the Controls tab, expand "Windows Key Opens", change it to "Nothing" and click OK.