How to a paragraph be reformatted in Notepad++


How can I reformat a paragraph in Notepad++?

In UltraEdit I can select one or more long lines and reformat the paragraph to the set right margin (e.g. 60 or 80) by menu command Format/Reformat Paragraph, keyboard shortcut Ctrl + T. Note that it is hard formatting (inserting line ends), not how the document is displayed in the editor.

How can the equivalent be done in Notepad++?

Best Answer

It's sort of weird.

If you just want to wrap a paragraph at 72 characters you can just go to TextFX>TextFX Edit>ReWrap Text to (Clipboard or 72) width. Which will re-wrap your selected text to 72 characters.

If you want a 61 or 87 character wrap however, you need to copy the text "61" into your clipboard and then do the same thing (TextFX>TextFX Edit>ReWrap Text to (Clipboardor 72) width).

I'm sure Don HO would be interested in a patch for some TextFX Reformat Paragraph stuff, if you were so inclined.