Windows – how can I start Internet Explorer 10 always in kiosk-mode

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I 'll use a win7 computer as an information terminal. After its startup internet explorer is starting up in kiosk mode with the wanted side. The use of hotkeys like windows button, ctrl c etc is disabled. When I click for further information on this page (which isn't created by myself) the browser starts a new window and the whole ie-menu is available.
How can I setup this browser, that every ie-window is starting up in kiosk mode?

Best Answer

    • Firstly, run the Group Policy Editor by clicking the Start button and choosing Run... or pressing Windows Key + R and typing gpedit.msc followed by Enter
    • In the left hand pane go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer
    • Find the entry Enforce full-screen mode and double-click it
    • Set it to Enabled and click the OK button

    Group Policy Editor

    Note that users can still open new windows but they will lack all menus etc.

    Also I would say that the security of such a system still isn't great. If your users have access to a keyboard and mouse connected to the machine then they might still be able to bypass your efforts to secure it.

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