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I boot up to Windows 7, clicked on START, and right click on Computer and chose "Manage", and then I right clicked on a primary partition which wasn't the partition for C: but just a useless partition instead. (I repeat: it is NOT the partition for C:. It was G:).

After I right clicked on that useless partition, I chose "Delete" and confirmed I want to delete.

Then after 30 seconds, Windows 7 blue screen, and I cannot boot up Windows 7 any more. The suggestion on screen is that I boot up Windows 7 from the DVD-ROM, chose Repair, but it didn't repair it. The repair tool showed the Windows 7 partition is 0 MB. If I boot up to Vista instead, and chose Disk Manager, it showed the Windows 7 partition now as "Free Space".

How can I get back Windows 7 (with all the data)?

Best Answer

Are you sure you deleted windows partition from running windows? I don't think windows is dumb enough to let you do that.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Check which partition you actually deleted(Open each partition in explorer and see the contents)
  2. If you have actually deleted windows partition, you are pretty much out of luck when it comes to data.(You can try some professional data recovery tools that cost an arm and leg with no guarantee of recovery)
  3. If that partition(should have windows, program files etc folders) is still there, than its just boot issue.
  4. In that case, mark that partition as "Active" and "Boot" using any partition manager and then repair the startup(i.e. boot loader) using windows 7 dvd.

If this doesn't work, please paste a screen shot of your disk management.

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