How do you change the hover text on a pinned taskbar item in Windows 7

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I have two versions of SQL installed and I would like the hover text to show the different versions instead of just SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server Management Studio (2).

I tried to right click on the pinned icon, this gives me a context menu with the program and the ability to unpin. If I right click on the program and select properties I see the properties for the shortcut, but not the pinned icon. I can rename the shortcut in the General tab. This changes the name of the shortcut in the context menu, but it does not change the text on the hover for the pinned item. I also could not find the current hover text in the registry with a basic search.

Does anyone know where to modify the properties of an item pinned to the taskbar for Windows 7?

This question is pretty close to what I am describing and shows another way to modify the shortcut. However, I still do not see the hover text change.

Best Answer

First you need to unpin the icon from the taskbar. Now rename the shortcut and after that pin it again to the taskbar. Now when you hover you will see the new text, the one you named your shortcut.