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The question might sound stupid, but this is often a major issue for me. Consider the following scenario:

The customer has a fresh Windows Server 2008 based system into which I can connect via RDP. The only available browser is Internet Explorer with the default security guidelines that don't allow you to do anything.

I want to avoid maintaining the "trusted sites" list at all costs!

So this is what doesn't work for me:

  1. Download Chrome (requires JavaScript, which is not available)
  2. Download Firefox (the download location is not trusted, adding it to the trusted sites doesn't help either, because the CDN directs to a different site the next time)
  3. Connecting to a network share of the server (won't let me authenticate, might be another issue).
  4. Sending me the file per mail doesn't work either, because it exceeds the file size limit for messages.

Where is the wget on Windows Server?

Update regarding RDP-based approaches
I assume that some of the proposed solutions did not work for me because the server I was working on when writing the question was accessed through an RDP gateway (from the company's Remote Web Access site).
Additionally, I tried confirming (RDP-related) solutions against other servers I was working on at the time (which were accessed without a gateway).

For example, I believe clipboard sharing is not available when connecting through a gateway. But I have yet to confirm this.

Best Answer

Open the Microsoft Powershell and do this:

Import-Module bitstransfer
start-bitstransfer -source http://something/something.ext -destination c:\something.ext