MacOS – How do you re-install a package with Homebrew (Mac)

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Struggling to find good Homebrew documentation (or tutorial)…

In the mean time I need to reinstall ImageMagick that was installed with Homebrew (brew install imagemagick) and not sure if I should first brew uninstall imagemagick or go ahead and brew install imagemagick --disable-openmp --force over the existing installation?!?

what does --force actually do? is it effectively a uninstall followed by a new install with new parameters?

Best Answer

The --force option for the install action just overwrites any existing files on disk if the packages you're trying to install already exist. It doesn't remove files from disk like the uninstall action does.

I'd do the brew uninstall imagemagick first before doing an install. With brew I find the simplest approach is often the best: I want to reinstall something then I should remove it first with uninstall and put it back with install. The homebrew sandboxing does a very good job of making for clean uninstalls from your system.

If you wanted to uninstall it by hand you'd just need to look in /usr/local/bin for any files that linke to ../Cellar/imagemagick and delete those symlinks. Then delete /usr/local/bin/imagemagick and it's gone. You may be left with some dependency packages that also need removal, but the core imagemagick package will have been deleted. To see what imagemagick depends on if you want to do further cleanup run:

$ brew info imagemagick
imagemagick 6.7.1-1
Depends on: jpeg, libtiff, little-cms, jasper
Not installed

Some tools will complain unless the ghostscript fonts are installed to: