How does RealTerm send Numbers

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How does RealTerm send numbers? For some reason, when I enter a number under the "Send" tab to be sent over the serial line in RealTerm, it works, but inputting the same commands in PuTTY through the command line does not work. What is the reason for this?

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If you're using the Send Numbers button after typing a decimal number (or several or they could be hexadecimal, etc.), it's sending the character that corresponds to that code. In PuTTY, if you want to send an ASCII 65 (decimal) then you'd type an "A". If you want to send an ASCII 11 (decimal - Vertical Tab) you could press Ctrl-K or hold down the Alt key and type 11 on the numeric keypad.

Without knowing what you're communicating with, what it expects for input, whether you have PuTTY configured properly, etc., that's the best I can do.

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