Macos – How might one create custom “Smart Folders” in Outlook 2011 Mac


As soon as was possible, I left Entourage in favor of Outlook 2011 Mac. I'm using Exchange 2010.

I seem to recall being able to create custom "Smart Folders" when I used Outlook on Windows, but can't seem to find a way to do it in Outlook 2011 on Mac. The closest I've seen was to use Filters on a folder, but that doesn't seem to include sub-folders, and I can't find a way to save it to come back to later.

What I would ultimately like is a single view that shows me anything that is flagged or unread, from any folder. I use server-side rules extensively to sort mail into different folders, so aggregating across all folders is important.

I accomplished this in Entourage by creating one saved search that showed flagged items from any folder, another that showed unread items from any folder, and then a third (which I would use as my primary view) that aggregated the contents of these other two custom views.

Anyone have any suggestions, or am I missing something obvious?

Best Answer

Use raw queries. For flagged or unread mails:

(com_microsoft_outlook_flagged = 1) || (com_microsoft_outlook_unread = 1)

Important note: Do not use this folder with the "mark as read immediately" option, as seen here:

enter image description here

This results in a continuous mark as read -- remove from view -- show next message -- mark as read cycle, until everything is marked as read and you have no idea what you've now missed. Instead, I've switched to the 2nd option displayed that marks as read when you select a different message.