Linux – How much disk space should I devote to the Linux / partition


I'm redoing my Linux systems at home, and am wondering about partition sizes. In the past, I've always installed Linux on a single partition; I'd like to setup the system as follows:

  • /
  • /boot
  • swap
  • /home

I'm not 100% certain how much space should be devoted to the '/' partition. Swap will be 2x RAM; boot will be ~200M. How much should the OS receive? I was thinking of giving it between 15 and 20G (and all else to /home where most of my files will be located), but I wasn't sure if it would need more.

Is there a standard way of determining the partition size for '/'?

Best Answer

I think 10 GB is plenty.

I am running a Ubuntu server within 10GB (including /home) and it is puffing along fine. Excluding my files, the system takes up less than 4GB. If you ever find yourself pressed for space, you can always resize the partitions at a later date.