Word – How should I convert Markdown (or similar) to a Word Document

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Here's the deal:
In school I want to write my actual content in Markdown (using [Q10] or Notepad++) in school so that I can actually focus on writing without the ugliness of Word 2000 on my screen, but I have the problem of actually converting the Markdown into the final Word document so that I can set the line spacing, margins, cover page, etc.

How can I accomplish this?

I should also mention that I'm running said programs (except Word) off of my flash drive as PortableApps, the school computers run DeepFreeze, and I do have commandline access.

Best Answer

Get pandoc version 1.9 or higher. Then:

pandoc myfile.txt -o myfile.docx

Recent versions of pandoc allow direct conversion of markdown to word.