How should I decide what deinterlacer to choose for streaming video?


In my pulldownmenu (Live TV xbmcI) for deinterlacers I can choose from for example bilinear, bicubic, etc.
Here you can see my options: (
I don't have Yadif only Lanczos3.)

It's hard to decide witch one I should choose

Is there a recommended deinterlancer with overall good quality?
What they all do?

Best Answer

You are given multiple choices because there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Which filter you want to use depends on the performance of your machine and the content it's being fed.

Provided heat and power consumption are not an issue, you should probably use the most intensive filter you can without causing stuttery playback. Try Yadif (if it's there) over bicubic over billinear.