How to access edge://flags (need to enable Chromecast support in Edge)


I need to cast a video content from Chromium Edge (Chrome 64, Edge 17.17134) to my Chromecast. The browser is running under Windows 10 Home. The Chromecast is setup and working well with other Android devices. But in the Edge browser, the chromecast is not detected.

According to this article – – it's necessary to tweak some flags on the edge://flags page. The problem is that I can not access this page. When I type edge://flags in the address bar, the browser starts searching the text in the default search engine. I did not find any way to disable the smart searching feature. According to Microsoft docs, it looks like there is no way to disable searching from the address bar, user can only change default engine. BTW I did switch off the option "Show search suggestions as I type" already – it does not help. Some people suggest to use group policy editor to disable the feature (see here), but Windows 10 Home does not have the editor.

So the questions are:

  • what can be a problem with chromecast not detected by Chromium/Edge (if it's not actually the "secret" flags)?
  • is there a way to open edge://flags page without dealing with group policies?

Other suggestions are welcome.

Best Answer


1) Press Windows key

2) type


3) Press enter

4) type


5) Press enter

6) Go to this key


7) This file


8) Change value to


This will allow you to access flags

The flag page is